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Hold On!

We may think it is hard to hold on right now, but Revelation tells us that it is going to get much worse. In our small groups, in our homes, alone with God's Word and face down on the carpet before Him, we must hold on to the fear of God and His worthy worship now so that we can hold on to those things under the pressure of the beast power tomorrow. Why? Because for a time, Babylon and the beast are going to have the upper hand, and what you believe is going to get you in trouble. This calls for patient endurance.

If you're not prepared to hold on to what you have and patiently endure life as it is right now in Laodicea, then it doesn't matter whether you know the meaning of 666 or who the beast is. Knowing the mark of the beast is irrelevant if you don't know how to hold on to your faith against the daily march of the beast into your soul. Hold on to what you have.

We don't have a say about the era into which we were born; we're here now. God is saying to each of us, "Wake up, and hold on to what you have. For a while, it will appear as if you are on the losing side; but hold on, for in just a little while, He who shall come, will come." If you don't have a relationship to hold on to, choose now!

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