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Sabbath School Classes


Children’s Sabbath School

Beginner's Birth-3 years old:  Teachers - Gloria Driskell, Liz Stanford, Tina Riggs     Beginner Study Guide
 Kindergarten 4-6 years old:   Teacher
 - Shirley Davis                                                 Kindergarten Study Guide
         Primary 7-9 years old:   Teacher
 - Windy Stephens                                            Primary Study Guide
      Juniors 10-12 years old:   Teachers
 - Patti Higgs, Ogo Onyiri                               Junior Study Guide
         Youth 13-18 years old:   Teachers
 - Brent Ruckle, Pastor Stewart                     Youth Study Guide


Adults (Lesson Quarterly Classes)   Find the Adult Bible Study Guide here.                                             

Visitor's Class: Teacher, Barry Cushman - Lesson Study & Discussion
    Adult Class: Teacher, David Cushman - Lesson Study & Discussion
‚Äč    Adult Class: Teacher, Steve Hamilton - Lesson Study & Dicussion